Let’s just try to call the next 12 months

So far in the USA this year - and I won't get everything, okay? - we've had action toward: banning foreigners from the country banning trans people from the military. Also, bathrooms. banning people in general from medical insurance, because Fuck People. putting all the wrong people in charge of all the wrong things. withdrawing… Continue reading Let’s just try to call the next 12 months

The Internet we know is going away

Unless we save it. No, I'm not kidding. I'm not exaggerating. Net Neutrality says that internet providers have to treat everything on the internet equally, instead of blocking or charging more or whatever the hell else big, for-profit companies are absolutely dying to do. Make three calls The website Five Calls does an outstanding job of… Continue reading The Internet we know is going away

On hijacking conversations: But what about [different issue]?

This is a pattern that must stop. Person #1: "[Fill in the blank] is a huge issue! Yet another example of [Fill in the blank] just happened. That's [an unreasonably large number] times it's happened this year / lives affected!" Person #2: "But what about [different issue]? Why isn't anyone upset about [different issue]?" This is never, ever appropriate. Stop being… Continue reading On hijacking conversations: But what about [different issue]?

On conferences and anti-harassment [Updated!]

UPDATE: PASS, the organization in question, has posted an excellent reply to the  concerns I wrote about here. Well done, PASS; I like an org who will answer concerns promptly, and publicly. I'm gonna say the major problem with any halfway decent anti harassment policy (AHP) is how it gets interpreted. This is currently an issue because the… Continue reading On conferences and anti-harassment [Updated!]

Dear gun-toting anti-Muslim Irving guys…no, Dear Everyone

I read that you staged an armed protest in front of a Mosque. You're not helping. If a group of Muslim Irving residents showed up in front of your church on Sunday to protest something, and they were carrying guns like that, you'd shit your pants, call the police, and duck-and-cover. So yes, I'm pretty sure you understand that… Continue reading Dear gun-toting anti-Muslim Irving guys…no, Dear Everyone