Stop! In the name of love! (Beekeeping part 4)

We did the second hive inspection today on our captured swarm. We got all the loose comb (read: built onto the box lid) tied into frames, and everyone into a shiny new hive. There was lots of comb, honey, and pollen...but no brood! That means no queen. We've decided provisionally to combine this hive with… Continue reading Stop! In the name of love! (Beekeeping part 4)

I wanna hold your [bee-covered] hand (Beekeeping part 3)

So! One week ago, we attracted a swarm! So then we waited a week before we could do a hive check - me going out to watch the bees come and go at every opportunity... And then....the day came. Today. HIVE CHECKING DAY. Our first hive inspection. THIS IS GONNA BE GREAT. ISH. Kinda.… Continue reading I wanna hold your [bee-covered] hand (Beekeeping part 3)