If you’re interested in vidcon 2020, I have a link for you

They're doing a presale registration thingy that's also a contest...I'm sure it's a big push to get more people on their email list / Instagram followers / etc. etc. BUT if you are interested in VidCon 2020, you can join the pre registration contest, and give me some more chances to win something, if you… Continue reading If you’re interested in vidcon 2020, I have a link for you

Finance, budget, and retirement 201

These are the bare bones basics. If you do this stuff and nothing more, you’re likely SET. Dave Ramsey's 7 Baby Steps Dave Ramsey is a financial guru guy with a lot to say, but his baby steps cover most of what's essential: Save $1,000 for your starter emergency fund. Pay off all debt (except… Continue reading Finance, budget, and retirement 201

Vegan cheese and butter recommendations

If you'd like to get a little (or all) dairy out of your life, I HIGHLY recommend these particular things. While they're not necessarily "health food", they are yummy, yummy occasional treats: Miyoko's - EVERYTHING. This company makes outstanding vegan butter and cheese Daiya - The provolone style slices, specifically. (I'm not super fond of… Continue reading Vegan cheese and butter recommendations

Salmonella outbreak: let’s skip the turkey this year

I'm gonna ask you NOT TO COOK TURKEY THIS YEAR. We still cook meat for the extended, non-vegan family on Thanksgiving, but this year we're going with chicken for them. This PBS article tells you why, but I'll give you short highlights from the article: - No single outbreak source - 164 hospitalization in the… Continue reading Salmonella outbreak: let’s skip the turkey this year