How to retire

The simple answer is to save money every month, with compounding interest, starting when you're very young. Save money every month You might have heard the phrase "pay yourself first". I wish I had paid attention to this from my very first job. I could have put back $100 every month, easily. Even when I… Continue reading How to retire


How to change a tire

It's really not that hard, if you have all the right parts. And if you make sure you're in a safe place, clear of traffic going by. And if you have a spare tire. Also, just so you know, you're going to get grimy. No matter how careful you are, your clothes will get grimy… Continue reading How to change a tire

From the mixed-up shelves of Ms. Jen P Frankweiler

I love-love-love bookstores. I can spend a significant amount of time in even a big-brand bookstore. But, give me a cool, twisty, old bookstore? I could LIVE there. I never voluntarily leave those bookstores; I always go because someone expects me to come back. On this last trip to Denver, we revisited a bookstore that… Continue reading From the mixed-up shelves of Ms. Jen P Frankweiler