You can’t do it wrong

I've been giving training and advice recently about Bullet Journaling, as it relates to mental health and professional development. One piece of advice: you can't do it wrong, so let that worry go. This is my personal blog, and I'm going to try the same advice here. I can't do this wrong, so let the… Continue reading You can’t do it wrong

Finance, budget, and retirement 201

These are the bare bones basics. If you do this stuff and nothing more, you’re likely SET. Dave Ramsey's 7 Baby Steps Dave Ramsey is a financial guru guy with a lot to say, but his baby steps cover most of what's essential: Save $1,000 for your starter emergency fund. Pay off all debt (except… Continue reading Finance, budget, and retirement 201

From the mixed-up shelves of Ms. Jen P Frankweiler

I love-love-love bookstores. I can spend a significant amount of time in even a big-brand bookstore. But, give me a cool, twisty, old bookstore? I could LIVE there. I never voluntarily leave those bookstores; I always go because someone expects me to come back. On this last trip to Denver, we revisited a bookstore that… Continue reading From the mixed-up shelves of Ms. Jen P Frankweiler

The Drowning Dream / Going to Sleep / Awake and Away

I start NaNoWriMo in seven days, and I feel the need to do some writing sprints. While the "novel" I'll be writing is non-fiction, there's definitely a warm-up period where I'll have to get used to writing a lot at a stretch. Here is the first of these "mini-sprints". This is all nonfiction, but feel… Continue reading The Drowning Dream / Going to Sleep / Awake and Away