Learning skincare with Hyram

[Old person voice] In my day, we didn't have these interwebs and yoo-toobs. If we wanted to learn about skincare, we talked to the older girls at school. You know, the girls with four inch bangs and 15 ounces of hairspray on them at all times. Of course, we also had all those vague, confusing,… Continue reading Learning skincare with Hyram


black texture, nothing more

My incredible, lovely, strong, distant, open, loving cousin is dying. He's dying, in that stage of dying that's not imminent, but actually could be. Any moment. Any week, or month. His closest family is in hell, being there, watching, lending help and comfort. His slightly more distant family - us - are on the fringes… Continue reading May

Kindergarten lessons for today: respect bodies

A few more Very Important Rules, for general usage: Respect other people's bodies.Yes, everyone's.That means no touching without consent. Yes, not even their cool hair.That means no asking bizarre personal questions (or personal statements!) Special note: Think about this in terms of meeting folks with bodies that don't work the same way yours does bodies… Continue reading Kindergarten lessons for today: respect bodies

Vaccine Finder (USA)

I've managed to get vaccines scheduled for my (eligible) immediate family and myself, and VaccineFinder.org was a big help. You'll input your info and get information back about availability, then schedule via the particular store's website. Some website are buggy and difficult (I'm looking at you, CVS); some are trying their hardest (e.g. WalMart). Just… Continue reading Vaccine Finder (USA)

Bullet Journal: moving from March to April 2021

A bullet journal is a "mindfulness practice disguised as a productivity system". If you don't know the basics, watch this short video by the inventor. I've got an entire conference session's worth of reasons why bullet journaling is my lifeline, my exobrain. Today, I want to write about the cycle I go through at the end… Continue reading Bullet Journal: moving from March to April 2021