black texture, nothing more

My incredible, lovely, strong, distant, open, loving cousin is dying. He's dying, in that stage of dying that's not imminent, but actually could be. Any moment. Any week, or month. His closest family is in hell, being there, watching, lending help and comfort. His slightly more distant family - us - are on the fringes… Continue reading May

Politics by Generation

I went looking, and found this chart at the Pew Research Center: This is an official graph from the Pew Research Center, showing Liberal vs Conservative leanings broken down by generation (Silent, Boomer, Gen X, and Millennial). It shows an increasing percentage of liberal leanings as time goes on. This is exactly the breakdown that… Continue reading Politics by Generation

End of an eon (2021)

Edit: I completely skipped everything having to do with the protests, racism, ableism, trans- and homophobia, continuing political issues, and the shooting of unarmed black men and women. It's not an oversight; being a white person, I'd much rather you listen to better educated, more invested folks on these matters. It'd be nice if I… Continue reading End of an eon (2021)

You’re not for strong borders, you’re for wealthy prison owners

I posted to Twitter the following. Change my mind: ANY ADMINISTRATION COMMITTED TO BORDER SECURITY WOULD BETTER FUND AND PROVIDE FOR THE INFRASTRUCTURE TO ACTUALLY DEPORT FOLKS WHO DON’T MEET THEIR REQUIREMENTS FOR “HERE LEGALLY”, instead of letting immigration case backlog numbers reach seven digits. [Image shows text from a Dallas Morning News article, with… Continue reading You’re not for strong borders, you’re for wealthy prison owners