Meritocracy encourages selfishness

Reading this article on meritocracy...let's have some pull quotes, and some thoughts. "Under meritocracy, wealth and advantage are merit’s rightful compensation, not the fortuitous windfall of external events. Most people don’t just think the world should be run meritocratically, they think it is meritocratic." I agree that the general trend is for people to think the world is… Continue reading Meritocracy encourages selfishness

“What is chivalry?”

A friend online asked, what does "chivalry" actually mean? She got a good answer... She got a good answer:   But that's clearly not what modern day people mean when they say they still practice chivalry. The opening-doors, don't-swear-in-front-of-a-lady kind of chivalry. Speaking as a not-guy, I think they mean: Women are… Continue reading “What is chivalry?”

Could we start treating people of color like, oh I don’t know, people?

A Dallas headline today reminds me of how everyone is sort of okay with treating people of color differently in the news. Relevant story, and relevant hashtag: #IfTheyGunnedMeDown More relevant: "When The Media Treats White Suspects And Killers Better Than Black Victims" Some of the headlines from that article: Let's make a point of calling out… Continue reading Could we start treating people of color like, oh I don’t know, people?