Gendered music

This post is taken almost entirely from an online conversation with friends. The words are nearly all mine. Allow me to express my fury, once again, that if I select a Pearl Jam song on Spotify, I will get that song, followed up by a playlist of 50 bands and solos who are ALL male….but… Continue reading Gendered music

Kindergarten lessons for today: respect bodies

A few more Very Important Rules, for general usage: Respect other people's bodies.Yes, everyone's.That means no touching without consent. Yes, not even their cool hair.That means no asking bizarre personal questions (or personal statements!) Special note: Think about this in terms of meeting folks with bodies that don't work the same way yours does bodies… Continue reading Kindergarten lessons for today: respect bodies

Vaccine Finder (USA)

I've managed to get vaccines scheduled for my (eligible) immediate family and myself, and was a big help. You'll input your info and get information back about availability, then schedule via the particular store's website. Some website are buggy and difficult (I'm looking at you, CVS); some are trying their hardest (e.g. WalMart). Just… Continue reading Vaccine Finder (USA)

End of an eon (2021)

Edit: I completely skipped everything having to do with the protests, racism, ableism, trans- and homophobia, continuing political issues, and the shooting of unarmed black men and women. It's not an oversight; being a white person, I'd much rather you listen to better educated, more invested folks on these matters. It'd be nice if I… Continue reading End of an eon (2021)

Meritocracy encourages selfishness

Reading this article on meritocracy...let's have some pull quotes, and some thoughts. "Under meritocracy, wealth and advantage are merit’s rightful compensation, not the fortuitous windfall of external events. Most people don’t just think the world should be run meritocratically, they think it is meritocratic." I agree that the general trend is for people to think the world is… Continue reading Meritocracy encourages selfishness