SUPER simple vegan spring rolls

Materials: Rice paperCooked riceShredded carrotShredded or diced cucumberLettuce and other ingredients (optional)Tofu (optional) Making spring rolls is very easy: Dip a rice paper into water for 3 seconds, and lay it out on a clean surface.Put about 2 tablespoons each of rice, cucumber, and carrot on the wet rice paper. This should be on the… Continue reading SUPER simple vegan spring rolls


I spend most of my thoughts on myself, my friends, and Twitter. And I always want to journal, to write things down so that Me In Five Years can look back and see what was going on, what I was thinking, how everyone was, at this point in time. But I almost never do, for… Continue reading 12/16/2019

Thanksgiving dinner, for my reference

These days, the menu is: Turkey (for the omnis) Mashed potatoes and gravy Sweet potatoes with marshmallows Parker house rolls Cranberry sauce w/orange Greens - brussels and garlic, I'm thinking Dressing (provided by Mom) Pies - pumpkin, apple, berry So my shopping list is: Turkey Mashed potatoes and gravy russet potatoes um, butter veg stock… Continue reading Thanksgiving dinner, for my reference

Self schooling lesson – World History – Atlantic Slave Trade

These are lessons for myself and my kids, and anyone else who would like to read / use them. NOTE: I am not a subject matter expert, and am just relaying resources and my own reactions to them. Atlantic Slave Trade Watch the Crash Course on the atlantic slave trade. This won't be fun in… Continue reading Self schooling lesson – World History – Atlantic Slave Trade

If you’re interested in vidcon 2020, I have a link for you

They're doing a presale registration thingy that's also a contest...I'm sure it's a big push to get more people on their email list / Instagram followers / etc. etc. BUT if you are interested in VidCon 2020, you can join the pre registration contest, and give me some more chances to win something, if you… Continue reading If you’re interested in vidcon 2020, I have a link for you

You’re not for strong borders, you’re for wealthy prison owners

I posted to Twitter the following. Change my mind: ANY ADMINISTRATION COMMITTED TO BORDER SECURITY WOULD BETTER FUND AND PROVIDE FOR THE INFRASTRUCTURE TO ACTUALLY DEPORT FOLKS WHO DON’T MEET THEIR REQUIREMENTS FOR “HERE LEGALLY”, instead of letting immigration case backlog numbers reach seven digits. [Image shows text from a Dallas Morning News article, with… Continue reading You’re not for strong borders, you’re for wealthy prison owners