Homeschool video recommendation

My guys have the option of up to 2 hours of education videos per day, as part of their schoolwork. My youngest recommends the YouTube channel Life Noggin for interesting educational content! Today's video: What if you only drank milk?


One more thing we can do about gun violence

A friend asked, "Why do so many people have problems with putting metal detectors in schools?" I'll just speak for me, here. I don't have serious problems with metal detectors at schools, except for one thing: It's rather security theater, than it is actual security. I'm all for metal detectors, if we don't think of… Continue reading One more thing we can do about gun violence

Call or text help if you need help, okay?

Hands holding lights; Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash

When someone on social media sends out really scary warning vibes, we'll call that a "self harm alert". If folks are paying attention, they'll do the who-can-get-to-them-in-real-life scramble, and hopefully everything will turn out okay. But, sometimes people miss the message. Sometimes it's not enough to go quiet and hope folks will notice. There's more… Continue reading Call or text help if you need help, okay?

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