End of an eon (2021)

Edit: I completely skipped everything having to do with the protests, racism, ableism, trans- and homophobia, continuing political issues, and the shooting of unarmed black men and women. It's not an oversight; being a white person, I'd much rather you listen to better educated, more invested folks on these matters. It'd be nice if I… Continue reading End of an eon (2021)

This artist will make you happy (<– intentional clickbait!)

GUYS MY FRIEND MADE A THING! Seriously, go take a look. She's a talented, award-winning author, artist, fiber artist, AND database administrator. How can you NOT love this woman? Go check out here Patreon overview, and the kind of things you can expect at each patreon level.  

You have computer files you want to keep, so read on

Last night, my data professional, security conscious husband got a trojan virus on his computer that permanently encrypted (locked) all his files away from him. This particular trojan (called CryptoWall) demands hundreds of dollars to unlock the files again. We may end up paying. I wrote a more technical blog about this over on my… Continue reading You have computer files you want to keep, so read on