A hike in the Rockies – Day 1

Fifteen years ago, I went on a solo hike across Rocky Mountain National Park. I started at the Bear Lake trailhead, summited Flattop Mountain (only 12,000-some-odd feet altitude), and through the park on the other side. The original plan was to make a full loop to the west side, then go back along a more northerly trail,… Continue reading A hike in the Rockies – Day 1

Getting outdoors with the kids

Good article on Nerd Fitness, on getting outside with the kids. I've been thinking about this a good deal lately. In short, we're doing this by cultivating our own passions, and bringing them along. Sean teaches the boys Kenpo three days a week. I have them out with me two or three days a week, training… Continue reading Getting outdoors with the kids

On Learning: An open letter to my children

Hey guys, I've been thinking about learning and education pretty much my whole life. First, I was subject to it. Then I chose to continue it. Now I continue learning - on purpose! - both because it helps my job, and because it interests me. I figured out early that the downside of organized schooling is that "learning" quickly becomes a swear… Continue reading On Learning: An open letter to my children


I'm taking part. Personal goal: 25,000 words. Hopefully I'll murder that goal and hit the actual NaNo goal of 50k.Eric is also taking part. I'm having trouble with the young writer's site, so I just wanted to note here that his personal goal for the month is 300 words.


The outdoor area of this restaurant has a set of games with beanbags. My boys and another boy are throwing the beanbags at each other. I have been told this is normal boy behavior. *shakes head*

Early riser

Eric woke early with a nightmare, and it's doughnut day anyway, so we hit Starbucks together. He still has those giant blue eyes. I see now why artists sometimes draw people with eyes half as big as their heads. That's rather what it looks like.