This is how I want to study history

I find myself suddenly in the position of homeschooling a fifth grader - mine. And so, now I have to consider and implement the vague ideas about HOW ONE SHOULD LEARN HISTORY, that've been kicking around my head. Ever since I had history. And hated it. And, because I not only want my kids to have… Continue reading This is how I want to study history

Getting outdoors with the kids

Good article on Nerd Fitness, on getting outside with the kids. I've been thinking about this a good deal lately. In short, we're doing this by cultivating our own passions, and bringing them along. Sean teaches the boys Kenpo three days a week. I have them out with me two or three days a week, training… Continue reading Getting outdoors with the kids

On Learning: An open letter to my children

Hey guys, I've been thinking about learning and education pretty much my whole life. First, I was subject to it. Then I chose to continue it. Now I continue learning - on purpose! - both because it helps my job, and because it interests me. I figured out early that the downside of organized schooling is that "learning" quickly becomes a swear… Continue reading On Learning: An open letter to my children