A hike in the Rockies – Day 1

Fifteen years ago, I went on a solo hike across Rocky Mountain National Park. I started at the Bear Lake trailhead, summited Flattop Mountain (only 12,000-some-odd feet altitude), and through the park on the other side. The original plan was to make a full loop to the west side, then go back along a more northerly trail,… Continue reading A hike in the Rockies – Day 1

We went to France (#DBAsAtFrance)

We went to France, not to cram thousands of years of history into six days of snapping pictures from car windows, but to live here as if we lived here. You know, more or less. Nearly everything so far has been under the Getting Here, and Recovering From Getting Here, categories of life and travel. No problem… Continue reading We went to France (#DBAsAtFrance)

Today’s Log For the Day. Day-day-day.

So today, I had a stupid fight with Sean (notmyfault notmyfault notmyfault), finished taxes with H&R Block (okay, mostly), stuck to my diet (except for a single teaspoon of sugar in my coffee) despite vast obstacles and temptations, vacuumed and cleaned carpets in two rooms (etc etc housework), hung out with my sweet Benny-boy, and… Continue reading Today’s Log For the Day. Day-day-day.