SUPER simple vegan spring rolls

Materials: Rice paperCooked riceShredded carrotShredded or diced cucumberLettuce and other ingredients (optional)Tofu (optional) Making spring rolls is very easy: Dip a rice paper into water for 3 seconds, and lay it out on a clean surface.Put about 2 tablespoons each of rice, cucumber, and carrot on the wet rice paper. This should be on the… Continue reading SUPER simple vegan spring rolls

Thanksgiving dinner, for my reference

These days, the menu is: Turkey (for the omnis) Mashed potatoes and gravy Sweet potatoes with marshmallows Parker house rolls Cranberry sauce w/orange Greens - brussels and garlic, I'm thinking Dressing (provided by Mom) Pies - pumpkin, apple, berry So my shopping list is: Turkey Mashed potatoes and gravy russet potatoes um, butter veg stock… Continue reading Thanksgiving dinner, for my reference

Vegan cheese and butter recommendations

If you'd like to get a little (or all) dairy out of your life, I HIGHLY recommend these particular things. While they're not necessarily "health food", they are yummy, yummy occasional treats: Miyoko's - EVERYTHING. This company makes outstanding vegan butter and cheese Daiya - The provolone style slices, specifically. (I'm not super fond of… Continue reading Vegan cheese and butter recommendations

Milk is super bad for you (go figure)

Photo by Ján Jakub Naništa on Unsplash

While this article sounds tinfoil-hatty, I have heard and read the same from multiple other sources which I deem to be credible. AND this article does a decent job of linking to other studies and articles. Key point: "Because milk is very mucus-forming in the human body, it is believed to contribute to allergies, ear… Continue reading Milk is super bad for you (go figure)

Super simple, no sugar added recipes (that are vegan)

And plant based, yadda yadda yadda. Anyway, a small collection:   Baked Broccoli Chop a head of broccoli Dice 3 cloves garlic Mix it all with 2T olive oil. Lightly salt. Bake at 375F for 20 minutes. YAH. Cashew Ricotta Blend together: 1/2 cup raw cashews, having soaked for 20min & drained 1/4 cup lemon… Continue reading Super simple, no sugar added recipes (that are vegan)