Treehouse Experiment, 2013-2014

I'm learning to build on my own. We decided to make a "tree house" - really, a fort - and took it slowly, stage by stage. I'm a novice, so this is more for your entertainment and edification than for education. If you do experiment with building, be very mindful of safety - proper materials,… Continue reading Treehouse Experiment, 2013-2014

Garden progress report

Fenceposts up, fence partially done, new planting box for asparagus and asparagus planted. End of weekend update: more fencing, another asparagus box, netting for Both boxes to keep the cats and birds out, moved 4x4 boxes, planted blueberries (pots far right-back) and raspberries (can't be seen; ground in new fence corners). Also, new peach tree… Continue reading Garden progress report