Two weeks of study: horror films

I've never been much for horror movies. Well, I liked reading the box, back in the days when we had actual movie rental stores. But watching them was kind of a bad idea. My cousins, now, they loved horror movies. Well 3 of 4 of them did...Allie and I used to cower in the back room while the… Continue reading Two weeks of study: horror films

On Captain America: The Winter Soldier (no spoilers)

I went to see The Winter Soldier with a couple of friends this week, and we've been discussing it since. I don't want to forget this particular phrase my good friend sent, describing the Captain himself: ...the blonde hunk with the heart of gold and a serious boner for freedom... This ties in well with the… Continue reading On Captain America: The Winter Soldier (no spoilers)

Films: Joueuse (Queen to Play)

Went looking for French films last night on Amazon Prime, and found Joueuse (RottenTomatoes rating 71%), starring Kevin Kline and Sandrine Bonnaire.  The story is mostly about finding passion for something in an otherwise unsatisfying life - in this case, a passion for chess.Not a great film, but not a bad way to spend an hour and half. And, you… Continue reading Films: Joueuse (Queen to Play)