NaNo Day 30 aaaaand done.

14k words in 13 hours? LET'S DO IT. #SeriousFace 10:52am: Well, 899 more today. Wordcount 35,890 1:16pm: 950 more = 36,840.  This is not going as well as I'd hoped. 2:18pm: 1848 more = 38,688. It's sort of cheating, because I'm copy-pasting segments from old blog entries. But it's not, because I'm actually going to… Continue reading NaNo Day 30 aaaaand done.

NaNo Day 29

From the "Week Five Pep Talk from Lindsey": And even if 50K is well and truly out of the question for you, even if you know there is no way you’ll hit it even if someone is offering you a million bucks and a frozen banana to get there, don’t stop chugging. ... Wherever… Continue reading NaNo Day 29