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Online journal this week

November 7, 2017

I should really use this as a journal, like I do with my tech  blogs. So I’ll post stuff I might want to find later, and that you might find interesting.

Businessy stuff:

  • He started with 1 keynote 5 years ago. Now he’s at 100 a year. His 20 speaking tips -> @Inc @brentgleeson
  • Inc.  @Inc Why you shouldn’t give your customers what they want (according to behavioral economists) 
  • Inc.  @Inc This year’s 9 must-watch documentaries for business leaders
  • Theo Schlossnagle @postwait Public speaking is not about novel knowledge or expertise; it is about taking an audience on adventure they want to be on with you.


  • Katherine Tegen Bks @KTegenBooks If you’re a fan of Agatha Christie, you’ll love @maureenjohnson‘s newest murder mystery series! 
  • REI  @REI Let’s hear it for three brands committed to creating great women’s gear designed by women. #ForceOfNature…
  • Graham Windham @GrahamWindham Who lives, who dies, who tells #Elizasstory? @amhistorymuseum does. From Eliza Hamilton to #TheElizaProject: 
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda  @Lin_Manuel Gmorning. Unclench your fists. Lower your shoulders. Step away. Then come back with a clear head, redouble your efforts. I believe in you.
  • Michael Ian Black  @michaelianblack I’ll just keep saying it: The NRA is a terrorist organization.
  • Michiko Kakutani  @michikokakutani 22 writing lessons from Stephen King. via @Independent…
  • HEAVEN PEGASUS @HEAVENPEGASUS Why did the nonbinary prospector move West in 1849? Because there was gold in them/their hills. Thank you.
  • Suz @SeaMonketta Hooray!! A real live (dead) @neilhimself story tucked away on Twitter like the best Halloween treat ever! 💀🎃 @tordotcom For Halloween we’re excited to share @neilhimself‘s “Bitter Grounds”, a story about coffee, New Orleans, and zombies…
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