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GetHawt FAQ

January 16, 2012

GetHawt is a very informal blog party to help participants meet their health and fitness goals. I founded it on the idea that THE best thing you can do for your fitness and health goals is to make them public…to be accountable to somebody else.  That’s it!


  • Anyone can participate in the blog party…
  • …for any health or fitness related goal (weight loss, 5k training, general life improvements, whatever).
  • You can jump in or out whenever you like.  It works best if you commit to a blog for every week, though.
  • Just link back to that week’s GetHawt invitation to be included in the roundup.
The first GetHawt of 2011 was April 14.
The first GetHawt of 2012 was January 5. This year Sarah S. and I are trading hosting duties.
Remeber: Anyone can jump in or out at any time, and your goals and method are YOURS…I don’t expect you to do what I do.  But this common accountability will really help us along our path to hawtness.



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